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           NOVBYTCHIM Company, St.Petersburg, was founded on May 20 1994 by a group of young scientists, graduates of Leningrad Institute of Chemical Technologies (currently St.Petersburg State Technical University). We began with manufacturing glues and leather dyes. Gradually the assortment of our products was changing following the market trends; today we continue adding new features to our list. Currently we manufacture over 60 products, including paints, enamels, lacquers, mordants, primers, putties, plasters, mastics, insulators, detergents and, of course, glues and leather treatments.
           Various factors contribute to the success of our company. We believe that our principal asset is our creative and committed research staff. Most of the heads and the employees of the research departments are graduates and post-graduate students of the renowned St.Petersburg Institute of Chemical Technologies. Thus, almost a 100% of the staff of the Laboratory of Chemical Technologies that was founded simultaneously with the production line of NOVBYTCHIM Company, are the graduates of the alma mater. The laboratory executes quality control of the merchandise and the raw materials, it does testing and probing, it determines and improves the properties of the existing products.

           We also have a research laboratory. Its personnel develop new products that are later introduced to the production line. We try to optimize the process of manufacturing new products through improving their quality and minimizing production costs. As the result, we come up with high-quality produce priced much lower than the imported analogues. In order to optimize the production process, NOVBYTCHIM continuously works not only on the formulations, but on the technologies as well. Thus in 2006 our experts have created a mill for pigments comminution that is much more efficient than the vertical bead mill. The new equipment has been patented and is being used successfully by our company.
           NOVBYTCHIM also has a science laboratory. Its personnel are involved in fundamental research that does not necessarily cater to the immediate production needs, it is our investment into the future. Besides, the science laboratory analyzes the quality of our products and explores the possibilities of synthesizing new chemical substances with the drastically different consumer properties.
           In December 2007 ZAO Novaya Bytovaya Chimiya has received the conformance certificate testifying that its Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2000) in the production of detergents, coatings, glues, coatings manufacturing equipment, as well as in research into the physical properties of coatings and raw materials, complies with GOST R ISO 9001:2000. The Certificate obliges us to apply its standards to our production routine, and this process is to be monitored by the certification system authorities; the Certificate has to be confirmed through annual inspection.
           Our dynamic development is also ensured by the wide distribution network. Presently our merchandize is available in all the regions of Russia, from the North West to the Far East, as well as in the CIS and the other former Soviet Block countries. Working with us is hassle-free – our partners involved in the distribution of NOVBYTCHIM products receive a full range of promotion materials, as well as the technical backup of the company’s experts and the company’s full support. All our clients benefit from our progressive discount system; we can deliver our merchandize to any region of Russia. We value our old partners and are always open to the new cooperation.

Our legal address:
           188304, Leningrad Region, Gatchina, Zheleznovodskaya 45

Actual address:
           199026, St.Petersburg, V.O., Kosaya Liniya 15B

General Manager           Yuriy Zevatsky           (+ 7 812) 322 39 18
Chief Accountant           Natalia Smagina           (+ 7 812) 322 39 20
Sales Manager           Konstantin Nazarov           (+ 7 812) 322 39 22

E-mail: com@newchem.ru

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